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Upcoming Government Construction Projects in NY

Upcoming Government Construction Projects in NY

As a national leader in commerce, education, medicine, and other sectors, New York State is continually evolving to meet the needs of the nearly 20 million people who call it home. New government projects are changing the landscape to improve infrastructure and other areas to ensure the Empire State remains a great place to live and work well into the future.

On top of this, government spending is about to ramp up as a part of the State’s COVID response. While this may be great news for contractors, it’s important to note that government procurement is getting stricter. That means the State and City are likely to prefer general contractors who have their act together, not just in terms of overall efficiency but also in terms of meeting diversity quotas. 

So if you plan to bid on these upcoming projects, you need to have all your paperwork and records in order – from your invoices to your Certificates of Insurance (COIs). That’s why contractors who use a tool like Constrafor to manage their back-office will likely have the upper hand, especially with the ability to efficiently track diversity procurement.

The following are five NY State construction projects that are poised to have a major impact when completed. If you’re looking for contract opportunities for an upcoming construction project, you can also check out the official website of the department and design construction bids in NYC.

1. Long Island Railroad Expansion Project

The Long Island Railroad is a critical component of the region’s infrastructure. Over 300,000 Long Island residents use it to commute to and from work every day. Over the years, the rail system has become increasingly congested.

The goal of the $2 billion LIRR Expansion Project is to alleviate much of the rail line’s traffic congestion, protect the environment, and improve the quality-of-life for those who live near it. Project improvements include the addition of new parking facilities, eliminating several crossings, and improvements to passenger rail stations

2. Buffalo Skyway Corridor

The Buffalo Skyway Corridor is a recently announced NY construction project in the city of Buffalo that will reroute approximately 3.5 miles of traffic from Tifft Street to Church Street. The project has two goals. First, it will support new development along with the outer and inner harbor areas. Second, it will also expand infrastructure capacity to reduce congestion and improve safety.

3. JFK Airport Renovation

As one of the busiest airports in the world, John F. Kennedy International Airport will soon be transformed to meet future demand. Originally built over 70 years ago, JFK Airport has seen a dramatic increase in travelers over the years with more than 62 million currently using the facility each year.

The $13 billion JFK Airport Renovation Project will construct new parking garages, build new access roads and railways, and renovate existing terminals. A total of 4 million square feet will also be added to the airport to decrease congestion and make it easier for travelers to navigate the sprawling complex.

4. Interstate 81 in Syracuse

Interstate 81 is a critical part of the infrastructure in the Syracuse area. Many people use it every day to commute to their jobs, businesses, schools, and other places. 

Built over half a century ago, parts of I-81 are currently in poor condition and considerably congested with a high accident rate. The $2 billion Syracuse I-81 project will address the safety concerns with the bridges that make up the elevated portion of the interstate known as the “viaduct.”

5. LaGuardia AirTrain

The LaGuardia AirTrain will be a 1.5 mile-long system to transport people to and from LaGuardia Airport. Of the NYC construction projects, this one is badly needed to facilitate greater airport access and reduce road congestion and parking problems. It will connect the subway in New York City and the Long Island Railroad to the airport when completed.

The $2 billion project has been approved by the New Jersey board and the Port Authority of New York. The next step in the project is the completion of an environmental review by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

Partner with Constrafor on Your Next Project

Constrafor is a trusted partner of many companies in the construction industry. The services we offer can increase your productivity by streamlining collaboration between project owners, contractors, and subcontractors on back-office tasks. Most importantly, we help you track your diversity quotas efficiently so you’re not scrambling to meet your targets or to file Best Faith Effort reports.

This puts you ahead of the competition if you plan on bidding for upcoming government construction projects in New York since it proves that you have your act together and you’re serious about diversity procurement.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to streamline your procurement from contracts, to invoices and diversity tracking. 

For contract opportunities on upcoming projects, be sure to check out the NYC DDS bids website.

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