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GC Early Pay programs

Earn extra revenue on your accounts payable with Early Pay.

Constrafor sets your subcontractors up with early payment on their invoices and hands you rebate revenue, turning your accounts payable into a profit center, with no need to implement or change anything in your existing process.

Plus, you’ll de-risk your projects and become the GC every great subcontractor wants to work for with faster payments.

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Earn extra revenue
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Stabilize your projects
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Attract top quality subcontractors

Not just a profit center, a project stabilizer

By accelerating payments to subcontractors with Early Pay, you earn a rebate, we also help you stabilize your projects by ensuring subcontractors’ businesses have effective cash flow.

Decreased risk, increased transparency

Early Pay offers you and your subcontractors transparency with credit qualification controls that ensure we’ve limited any risk.

lightbulb Constrafor Early Pay sets a higher bar for financing qualification than traditional invoice factoring services.

Better reputation, better growth

Ultimately, stable subcontractors are better subcontractors. Attract the top talent and grow your footprint.

lightbulb The top GCs in the United States, like Turner Construction have embraced accelerated payments. Compete with the largest GCs for projects.

How Constrafor Early Pay works

Partnering with Constrafor to offer Early Pay requires no initial cost or tech integration. We function in your normal AP workflow.
Constrafor pays your subcontractors early by factoring the invoice, smoothing out their cash flow with our balance sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Profit and strengthen your accounts payable today by partnering with Constrafor Early Pay