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5 Ways to Enhance Construction Risk Management

3 min read

5 Ways to Improve Construction Risk Management

Navigating the complex field of construction involves managing a myriad of risks. From financial and operational challenges to safety concerns, risk...

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AI Risk Assistant

2 min read

CoPilot Unveiled: Supercharging Construction Risk Management with AI

As the construction industry advances, so does the complexity and breadth of its risks. Accurate, efficient risk management is no longer a luxury –...

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Constrafor Interviewed by Midstage Institute Founder, Roland Siebelink, on their podcast

2 min read

Constrafor Revolutionizes Construction Procurement & Risk Management

Ever wondered how the construction industry could be more efficient? Starting our journey in 2019, we've had our eyes set on becoming the leading...

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COI In-Depth: A Fireside Chat with Risk Manager Brad Halliday

1 min read

COI in-Depth: A Fireside Chat with Risk Manager Brad Halliday

Managing Certificates of Insurance (COI) in the construction industry can often feel like herding cats – you’re constantly trying to bring order to...

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