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Constrafor Early Pay Program (EPP) –
Put your invoices to work

Are you sitting on approved invoices but don’t know when you’re getting paid? Wish you could have that money in your bank account now? Access your cash faster with Constrafor’s Early Pay Program. EPP leverages the power of invoice financing to shorten your revenue cycle, improve your cash flow and reduce your costs all without incurring debt or giving up equity.

1. Free up cash without debt

2. Get paid easily and quickly

3. Control your cash position

4. Minimize your costs and risk

Why Choose Early Pay?

1. EPP is not a loan. Grow your business without incurring debt, like loans and LOCs, or giving up equity. Use EPP to cover payroll, pay down high-interest debt, or use the extra funds to take on new projects.

2. Apply in minutes and choose which invoices to finance – we’ll deposit the payment within 48 hours, directly to your bank account.

3. Our low upfront charge ensures that you never have to worry about hidden fees, high interest rates, or long-term monthly payments.

4. Take advantage of the most competitive rates and receive payments reliably and securely without involving third parties.

How Early Pay Works

Submit An Invoice

Review & Sign Your Contract

Get Paid Early – Within 48 Hours

See what our customers are saying…

“Overall, I am very pleased with the Constrafor platform. It has saved me time and organized my files in a better way than I would have otherwise. As aforementioned, I have spoken with their support team and they were very friendly and helpful.”

– Thomas M., Project Manager, TF Cornerstone

“My experience with Constrafor has been fairly awesome to date. The team is agile and able to listen and adapt your business so their platform to help with the way you manage your process. The tools have brought synergies between departments that we may not have considered before. Our company appreciates the depth of knowledge that their team brings to the table.”

-Alex Z., Chief Technology Officer, JRM Construction

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