AR Processing


Take control of your invoices and stay ahead of your accounts receivables without resorting to piles of spreadsheets. Constrafor’s AR Processing module helps subcontractors visualize and improve their cash flow planning, increase efficiency and productivity, and track the status of every invoice.


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Take Control of your Accounts Receivables

Our innovative cloud-based software enables you to improve your cash planning by making it easy to monitor and analyze all your accounts receivables.

Visualize Cash Flow

Visualize Cash Flow


Combine GC Invoices


Track Invoice Approval Statuses


Integrate Across Multiple Channels

Flexible AR Processing Automation

Visualize Cash Flow

Centralized data allows clear visibility across your Accounts Receivables portfolio so you can accurately plan for future payments. Check your cash availability so you know when you can step on the accelerator and take on new projects or purchase more supplies.

Track your invoicing progress

Track your invoicing progress on your purchase orders and change orders. Manage the statuses of your signed contracts and billing progress to have clarity on cash flow owed and received. Never miss a payment or incur a late payment!
AR Processing Construction Worker

Combine GC Invoices

Combine invoices from different GCs all in one place so you can easily track invoice approval statuses, monitor expected cash flow and stay ahead of outstanding payments. Constrafor’s innovative software is the first of its kind to consolidate invoices from different sources in one platform.

Integrate Across Multiple Channels

Integrate with your project management tools and avoid any manual entries or processes. This helps you save time, reduce errors, and enhance your back office productivity.

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