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Streamline both client and subcontractor contracts. Keep your documents in one place, accessible anywhere. Easily log change orders, simplify tracking changes, and automate the signature process.

    Start from your templates
    Automate All Signatures
    Easily Track Change
    Single Source Of Truth
    Integrate With Invoices & Payments

    Start from your templates

    We use your existing templates and store all of your defined documents so you can quickly deploy contracts for review and execution.

    Quickly search your template library
    Leverage Constrafor data to prefill documents
    Organize by document type to keep track of all your contract needs

    Automate all signatures

    We use industry-leading signature technology so contracts can be signed from anywhere – safely and securely. Never worry about outdated messengers, scanning, or email again.

    Execute legal documents like MSAs, NDAs, Proposals, Addendums and more
    Manage your documents by relationship or project
    Review chain of custody on legal documents

    Easily Track Changes

    Easily track changes between signing parties for complete transparency when drafting your contracts.

    Maintain versioning history for review and restoration
    Review document redlining and comments
    Get notifications when any party saves a version

    Single Source of Truth

    Keep your documents organized and easily accessible to ensure one source of truth between your company and all your relationships.

    Easily navigate the status of agreements and documents, all in one place
    Keep clients and suppliers on the same page
    Reduce your long term risk with backups stored in the cloud

    Integrate with Invoices & Payments

    Match your payment schedule to your POs and keep track of your contract payment clauses by project and by subcontractor

    Keep track of retainage quotas and payment schedules
    Quickly verify your contracted payment clauses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! We can help you upload your existing templates so they automatically populate when you're starting a new project or onboarding a new subcontractor
    Definitely! You can upload word and pdf documents into your portal and keep editing back-and-forth with your clients
    Sure. You can set read-only permissions to your internal teams such as a field operations and accounting

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