How to Sync Your Procore Data in One Click

Constrafor is now an official Procore partner

We recently released our official integration with Procore so you can sync your data in just one click – it’s really that easy. You can even try it for free, no commitment and no credit card required. 

Why integrate with Constrafor?

Manage COIs, invoices, and contracts all in one place

Populate your Procore data in Constrafor to streamline your procurement. Our integrated platform automates contract administration, COI compliance, procurement, invoicing, and more.

Track diversity quotas & payments

Track diversity requirements for your projects including WMBE, LBE, SBE, SDVOB and others at the Federal, State and local levels. You can “set and forget” and our system will track everything for you.

Eliminate double data entry

We’ll regularly import your Procore project details, so you’re synced across both platforms, no manual entry required. When you update any details in Procore, your Constrafor account will update as well, so you can work more efficiently.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Login with your procore account and grant permission to Constrafor

Step 2

We sync your Procore data with your Constrafor account every 24 hours

Step 3

Sit back and relax. Constrafor automates your contract administration, COI compliance, invoicing, and diversity tracking.

Interested in learning more about Constrafor? Email us at or schedule a meeting here.

Constrafor is the construction back-office platform that streamlines, simplifies, and automates the administrative work of your construction projects. Our software simplifies most back-office functions, including contract administration, insurance compliance, invoice tracking and payment. With Constrafor, general contractors and subcontractors can focus on the actual engineering work on their projects while we support them from pre-construction to close-outs.