Constrafor’s financial and software services empower
specialty contractors to take control of their cash flow and
grow their business with powerful analytics and the most
competitive financing options.
Our products help contractors visualize cash flow and
improve planning and management with powerful A/R
processing insights. Take action and access funds faster
with Early Pay Program (EPP), digital bank accounts, and
corporate cards.
Early Pay Program (EPP)
Invoice financing solutions tailored made for
the construction industry that offer fast and
cost-effective receivables financing that shorten
the revenue cycle, free up cash immediately and
allow you to take on more projects.
AR Processing
Constrafor’s AR Processing module helps
subcontractors visualize and improve their cash
flow planning, increase efficiency and productivity,
and effectively track the status of invoices.
Deposit Account
Constrafor has partnered with Stripe and
Goldman Sachs to offer contractors FDIC insured
deposit accounts that allow contractors to pay bills,
manage cash flow, and efficiently plan their
day-to-day banking needs.
Corporate Cards
With our corporate debit cards, contractors can
easily manage employee spending, pay bills
automatically and purchase supplies and

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