Send Payments Securely

Streamline your payment processes by sending money from anywhere at any time.
Save time with our secure payment module and eliminate the time consuming task of printing and sending checks.
Integrate Your
Payment Network
Gain Visibility
Into Payments
Facilitate Early

Quickly and easily automate the payment process
between you and your subcontractors.

Integrate your payment

General contractors can easily and securely send and receive payments digitally with our integrated streamlined payment system. Keep cash flowing and automate payment holds to address compliance issues.

Gain visibility into payments

Our dashboard makes it easy to speed up your billing process by tracking and reviewing invoices. As well as getting visibility into payment status and approvals and sending payments with one click.

Ensure The Financial Health of Your Subcontractors

Constrafor’s Early Pay Program (EPP) allows general contractors to offer an alternative
financing option to their entire subcontractor network, at no cost to the GC, allowing them to
benefit from accelerated payments and reduce overall project risk.

Early Pay Program is available at no cost to General Contractors and Construction Managers with annual revenues >$100M.

Use Constrafor’s credit facility to finance subcontractor payments early; Constrafor cash is available upon invoice approval. No risk, liability, or cost to the GC/CM.

Retain full control over which projects, subcontractors and invoices to pay early.
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