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A Trailblazer in the Construction Industry:  Featuring Mary Grubbs

Mary Grubbs, CEO of LJS Waterproofing selected for Constrafor's Opportunity Builder Spotlight

Mary Grubbs is changing the game in the male-dominated construction industry as the CEO and President of LJS Waterproofing LLC. Her remarkable achievements have earned her the first-ever Opportunity Builder Spotlight by Constrafor, a leading construction company. Within five years, Mary's unwavering dedication and hard work transformed her from an office manager to a 51% majority owner. In 2020, she also secured Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) status for LJS. Discover Mary's experiences working with Constrafor in her video below.

HubSpot Video


LJS Waterproofing's Growth and Impact

Under Mary's guidance, LJS Waterproofing has become an essential force in protecting communities near waterways. From fixing wastewater tanks to waterproofing sea walls, Mary's team is always prepared to ensure public safety. Some of their projects include soil stabilization along the Potomac River, wastewater tank repairs in the Bronx and Upper East Side of Manhattan, and sea wall repairs for homes near shorelines, rivers, and lakes. Mary's emphasis on eco-friendly solutions has also saved homeowners up to 70% in costs.

Despite the challenges brought by the COVID pandemic, Mary has managed to grow LJS Waterproofing's workforce and skillset. As a result, LJS has become a multi-office contender, now expanding into the Mid-Atlantic region. Mary's success inspires other women in the construction industry, proving that female leadership is crucial for the sector's prosperity.

LJS Waterproofing and Constrafor's Early Pay Program

In the construction industry, trade partners like Mary's LJS Waterproofing often face delayed payments, sometimes waiting up to 90 days after completing work. For Mary, maintaining cash flow is paramount, as small businesses like hers must essentially "fund the job for as long as the job lasts."

This traditional business arrangement exposes contractors to unnecessary risks. However, Constrafor believes these risks can be avoided in today's construction marketplace.

By partnering with Constrafor, LJS Waterproofing benefitted from Early Pay Program (EPP), which accelerates invoice payments. Mary describes her experience of receiving payment within days as "beautiful" and "seamless." The affordable fees associated with the program are preferred over traditional financing from banks and lenders unfamiliar with the construction industry's nuances.

EPP allowed Mary and her team at LJS Waterproofing to alleviate financial pressure, enabling them to concentrate on delivering exceptional work for their clients.

Mary Grubbs' extraordinary accomplishments and her continuous efforts to make the world safer for millions living near waterways epitomize the power of determination, hard work, and commitment to success. Her trailblazing role in the construction industry inspires everyone.

Constrafor's Early Pay Program has been instrumental in Mary Grubbs and LJS Waterproofing's success. The program's accelerated payments and seamless experience empower trade contractors like Mary to concentrate on their core objectives and provide excellent service to their clients. By addressing the long-standing cash flow challenges faced by trade contractors, EPP is revolutionizing the construction industry.

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