Industry Councils

Construction professionals working to solve industry problems

Constrafor’s mission is to engage with an exclusive list of industry executives and leaders to evaluate the key risks and opportunities to the construction industry. We will tackle issues ranging from supply chain management, risk mitigation, and critical process drivers for how you manage your back-office operations.

Network and Collaborate

Constrafor will curate discussions with exclusive invitations so you can meet with like-minded professionals to see how they are tackling some of the most pressing issues that face the industry today. Through these councils, you will be able to gain insights into how your peers are implementing new processes and policies to stay at the frontier of the industry.

Get Industry Reports

With each council session, Constrafor will provide a summary of what was discussed. These council summaries will offer questions, ideas and even potential solutions to the issues discussed. Constrafor will also supplement the discussion and material with industry research from other 3rd parties for context and to enrich the conversation


Constrafor will facilitate every discussion with the framework of knowing that a successful business depends on 3 important pillars. 

  • People
  • Process
  • Tools and Technology

With these 3 pillars, we ensure that everyone in the council works towards solving the issues facing the industry through this lens.


If you would like to join our wait list for any of the below scheduled councils please reach out to to find if you qualify for participation.

Upcoming Industry Council Topics:

  • Managing Risk in your Supply Chain
  • Supporting and Developing your Subcontractors
  • Modernizing Accounts Payables
  • Proactive Risk Management
  • Next Level Diversity Management

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