Find How Much Cash
You Can Access Now

Are you sitting on approved invoices with long
payment terms? Drastically improve your
cashflow through Constrafor's Early Pay Program
(EPP) without taking on debt.

Check how much money you can get in
advance with our Early Pay Program

1. Enter the value of the invoice you would
like to finance.
2. Indicate your GC payment terms.
3. Get your EPP advance quote.
Estimate Your Early Pay Program Fees Now

For a $50,000 invoice with 60 day payment terms, you’ll receive:

$43,071 Within 48 Hours
(Includes fee of $ 1,929)
Get paid $5,000 in 60 Days

+Advanced rate of 75% based on standard Constrafor terms.
Invoice rate starting at 1.07% and varies based on application criteria.

Constrafor offers fast and cost-effective receivables
financing that shortens revenue cycles, frees up cash
and allows contractors to take on more projects.

Why Choose Early Pay Program?

Free up cash without debt
Free up working capital to grow your business without adding debt or giving up equity.
Get paid quickly and easily
Apply in minutes, choose which invoices to finance, and get paid within 48 hours via direct deposit.
Control your cash position
You know what you pay up front – no hidden fees, no long-term interest, and no monthly payments.
Minimize your cost and risk
Minimize your rate and get paid reliably and securely – every time.