Request COIs Easily

Automate your COI workflow in just a few clicks and we’ll handle the rest. Our proprietary software enables you to request COIs, automate renewal notifications, manage approvals, and track real-time reports all in one place.
Streamline your subcontractor COI requests and integrate your project management tools. Our algorithms handle the rest.
Easily manage the approval process with centralized communications and workflows so you never have to deal with email chains again.
Review COI statuses and access real-time data with instant reports wherever you are using our cloud-based system.

An Advanced COI Software Solution


Stay organized and
save time

Manage your documents, communications, reminders,
statuses, and reports in one easy-to-use platform. Our
integrated platform allows you to save time on all your
back-office tasks.

Say “goodbye” to
manual entry

Integrate with your project management tools, such as
Procore, Sage, Vista and others, and we’ll automatically
import key project details so your data is always
accurate across all platforms.
Cloud based

Access everything you
need, wherever you are

Manage your COI requests, approvals, and renewals, all
in one place. Our cloud-based system is accessible from
anywhere, so you always have the information you
need at your fingertips.

Set it & Forget it

With our automated workflows, managing your COI
requests and expirations turn into “set and forget”
tasks. We send reminders and alerts when actions are
needed so you can focus on more important tasks.

Automate COI Management


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! the system is configurable and we can setup different review steps
Yes! you can either request the COIs or have your prime subcontractors request them
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