How do I create a workflow rule for a contract before sending it to the trade partner?

On this page, you will learn how to create a workflow rule for a contract before sending it for review and signature to your trade partner

To create a Workflow Rule: 

1. Click on  .

2. Navigate to Settings. 

3. Click on Workflow rules.

4. Click on Create new rule, then select Contract approval.

5. In the New Contract Approval Rule Overlay, enter the following information: 

    1. Name of the rule.
    2. The category of the contract that the rule will be applied to.
    3. Optional: The contract amount range that the workflow rule can be applied to.
    4. Level 1 Approver user to select the first approver of the contract before sending the contract to the Trade Partner.
    5. Next to Level 1 Approver, click on Add new level to add a level of approval. 
      Note: You can add as many levels as needed. 
    6. Optional: Level 1 Reviewers to select the first reviewer of the contract after a contract is sent back with edits. 
    7. Signature to select the sign on the General Contractor side. 
    8. Click on the box next to "Automatically send the contract to counterparty after the final approval" to directly send the contract to the Trade Partner after the last approval has approved the contract.

6. Click on Create rule.